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About Us

You need more than enthusiasm to be successful. While knowledge is important to equip yourself with each day, it isn′t THE tool you truly need to be successful. Successful people know how to work smart instead of just working hard to achieve their dreams. It is the same way about financial success. Learn how to harness all of the effective ideas and "make money work hard for you, instead of just working hard for your money" is the key to reaching your financial freedom.

Retirement Solution 101

Founded by Yan Zhang, who is passionate to share practical knowledge on safer money strategies and tax advantaged programs which people need the most in today′s financial environment. Yan Zhang received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Hebei University in China in 1985.  In 1991, she earned a Masters Degree in Social Psychology from Nagoya University in Japan.  Yan gained business expertise in Public Relations, Marketing, Management and Leadership from her extensive experience with Fortune 500 corporations such as Olympus Optical Company, Ltd., The Home Depot, and worked in the field with national financial brokerage companies.  By taking risks, making mistakes, gathering information and consistently improving,  Yan grew into the kind of expert that you can trust. Yan has a knack for sharing the most complex financial concepts in a thoroughly understandable way. In her own words,  she feels grateful to apply her major in both Education and Psychology to the most important industry which is Financial Industry.  One of the enlightened questions in her co-author book is, "Are you caught up in the financial thinking of the last century?"

Retirement Solution 101, is a sole consulting and marketing company, whose focus is to provide the best solutions available in the marketplace to build a secure retirement for individuals and create a piece of mind for families. The company differentiates by being the out of box thinker and action taker, in particular working with the top industry leaders in providing solutions of the Safety with Growth Concept. Especially the "sandwich generation" - baby boomers charged with caring for themselves, their children, and their parents. Retirement Solution 101 is attuned to the financial needs and challenges facing today's families.

At Retirement Solution 101, the goal is to help people understand and implement the sound safe money alternatives in improving their retirement plans and performance, through one on one consultations, workshops or seminars. The bottom line is to help our clients achieve financial results and gain solid confidence. The best yet, all our services are free of charge to anyone who is seeking help. Isn't it a win-win strategy what everyone strives for?

Financial independence is a decision, not a dream. It's never too early to plan for a secured retirement, but please, don't wait until it's too late.

To your Financial Security!                         770-634-5396

Our Commitment to You: Free Services ---It's all about Solutions.

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Educational Seminars/workshops
You can use our expertise and free services to impact the life of people you care for in your community, professional organization, workplace, church, senior or women's group. We would like to raise community awareness by offering financial literacy seminars. We will come to your preferred  location at your convenient time.  To create your own event, please fill out Speaker Request Form or contact us ( click on the links ).  

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