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1. How are you different from any other financial advisers /companies?

Unlike captive companies and agents, we won’t limit ourselves to work with a particular company or a group of companies. We set a high standard with our services. We provide the best available solutions in the market place, by solely working with the industry leaders in providing the best available Safer Money Solution(s) which apply the Safety with Growth Concept. Many people put everything in one basket and lose control of their financial future, we teach people exactly the opposite and share practical knowledge and concepts to solve their problem with powerful solutions.

2.  How will I benefit?

If your answers are solid "yes" to all three principles we withhold, which are Safety First; Reasonable Rate of Return; Simplicity, then we have a good fit. Once we review your situation (either through the Case Design Questionnaire you fill out or your financial concerns you share with us), we will set up an one on one consultation meeting, to present you a solution(s) particularly fit to your needs.

Here is what we can help you achieve. From Risky to Safer; From Low Interest to Better Return; From Paying Taxes to Tax Efficient, are these what you want?

3. Is it FDIC insured? Is this insurance?

It’s not FDIC insured, because FDIC is for bank products only.

Equity Index Strategy is applied to two major financial products − Equity/Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) and Equity/Fixed Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy (FIUL). Both FIA and FIUL solutions are provided by insurance companies and all guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the insurance companies.

Most people use insurance companies for the most important protection of their valuable assets like properties, vehicles and health…Why not having protection on our hard earned retirement asset and our precious life, too?

4. How do the financial companies make money if they give money guarantees? How do you make money?

FIA and FIUL are designed for mid term and long term financial needs. However there is a surrender charge or penalty if you break the contract, just like any other financial products (for example, bank CDs). Insurance companies make money through time by doing sound investments and good asset management for clients’ assets.

All our services for you from Retirement Solution 101 are free of charge. Consultants like us get paid by the financial companies, not clients. We believe in the Win-Win strategy.

5. How do I know if the financial company is sound and trustworthy?

You can check out the financial strength ratings of insurance companies from a reputable third party rating agencies like A.M. Best; Fitch Ratings; Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s…Also, you can check the company comparisons in the same industrial by sales track records on particular financial products and company financial details (for example, asset under management, the rate of insolvencies…).

6. What happens if the company goes bankrupt?

According to U.S. News & World Report…

What happens if the company you buy an annuity from fails?
’The law requires insurance companies to set aside reserves for the money they guarantee, which makes them less vulnerable than the banks that have had trouble recently, says Reese. If an insurance company were to go bankrupt, then the state gets involved, either by selling the struggling company to a different one or by calling on the state’s own insurance program. "I’ve been unable to find a situation where anyone has lost a dime on guaranteed amounts," says Reese.’ ---   Palmer, Kimberly. "Annuity: the Answer to a Week Stock Market?"nbsp; U.S. News & World Report 21 Jan. 2009. 22 Jan 2009

Other Sources for references: (National Organization of Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Associations Website)

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