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Safer Money Solution Testimonial: Andrea Busse
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"Hi my name is Andrea Busse, my husband Edward and I have been with Yan and her services for the last several years and couldn′t be more happier with what we have gotten out of it. We have a very unique situation in that, a few years ago we got custody over night of my 3 step-children, who are teenagers and that happened right about  the same time that we had our 3 little ones, so we have 6 children, to support and take care of and that completely changed our family and financial dynamics. We really worried about stability and the future and how we were going to provide for them and still fulfill some of the dreams and wishes we have for our life and retirement. Thanks so much to Yan for being able to help us with that because, now we have complete stability for our family. We feel very comfortable with where we are and then providing all of that has also enabled us to the comfort level to be able to have Edward several years ago to roll over his entire retirement account and we are so glad he did that because now he′s been able, not only to maintain but also grow that money, where everybody else we heard from has taken hits as much as 50% of their value. So, we′re so glad we did that. We couldn′t be happier and we look forward to continued growth and success with Yan."

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